Thumper Carrier Bearing Repair

Apr 07 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

Had to do some daily driver repair the other day on Thumper. With 200k miles on it, it was starting to make a very loud thumping at low speeds upon acceleration. After some investigating, I found the drives haft carrier bearing had blown apart and needed replacement.

Up on top of the exhaust and heat shield is the drive shaft.

With the exhaust removed, and the heat shield out of the way, you can get to the 2 piece drive shaft, and separate it from the guibo (which was in good condition). Then you can separate the two splined halves.

Old carrier bearing completely blown apart.

And the new bearing in place. This bearing helps to keep the driveshaft centered and rotating without vibration. A similar condition occurs on the Cayennes and Touaregs.

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