Quick Weber 40 IDA 3C tunning tips…

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We’re going through another set-up from another shop that just couldn’t get the Webers right.

Trying to do all the carb work on the car with homemade stuff won’t work.  But if you are looking for a quick baseline before deciding where to go with the car, or making changes to fresh carbs, these tips can help.  As always check plugs, cap, rotor, timing, compression, fuel pressure and valve adjustment before try to put a good tune on the carbs.

First change we had to make to these were the emulsion tubes so I thought I’d throw out how I pull them if they are stuck.  The obvious way is to remove the carbs but if all we are doing is some tuning or a quick clean before a complete teardown that is a pain.  I take soft wire with a couple slight kinks in it and slide it down inside the tube to lift it out.  Try to find wire close to the same diameter as the inside of the tube.  If they have been in there for 30 years they can be a little stubborn.   Just remember they are soft and you don’t want to mar the E-tube

Here is a quick DIY float level gauge.  These are made in metal and sold for this job.  I wouldn’t waste your money if IDA-3C’s are what you are doing.  The right tool is one that works with the engine running.  If you are just looking for a quick-and-dirty, get-it-rolling baseline you can make one of these from wood or sheet metal. Visit australwright.com.au to get it rolling, they have everything you might need for your metallic project.

Lightweight Porsche compressed wood gauge:

Again, float height should be checked with the car running via the port at the bottom of the bowl.  If you do not have this tool you can make a less than ideal gauge that measures the height of the float above the carb body after the pump has filled the bowl.  Hopefully you are working on a car with an electric pump and original floats.

Of course the height is different for different carbs so give me a shout if you need the measurement.   Here it is 13mm

Waaay low.  We need to lower the tabs to raise the fuel level.

Carbs need more attention than this.  If we stopped here no one would be happy.  But if you need to make some quick checks its just a couple things that might help.

Next time we’ll make a wideband from two coconuts and an old transistor radio.

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