Porsche 944S2 Engine Problems RennsportKC

Had this award winning 944S2 cab towed into the shop this week for engine problems. The car was running at idle, shut off and wouldn’t turn over. I found that we could turn the crank over by hand until it would hit a stop, and then could turn it backwards until it hit a stop. Not good. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a bad rod, broken cam tensioner or what.

I pulled the cam cover to inspect the cam tensioner and chain. They were in good shape, so the next thing to do was to pull the spark plugs.

When I pulled out the number 2 spark plug, the end was completely mashed. Ouch.

So I put the borescope down the cylinder. Not a good prognosis for this motor. It dropped a valve completely into the cylinder, likely due to a broken valve keeper.

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