Porsche Boxster On Board Computer (OBC) Install Rennsport Kansas City

Had this Boxster come in last week for a weird instrument cluster issue and to install/activate the cluster’s on board computer, allowing the driver to see miles to empty, average mpg, temperature, and speed limit. While all cars had this function in the DME, some did not come with the control stalk or with it activated, so while it was there, you couldn’t see it or use it. So we took care of that 🙂

The cluster had quit working on him all of a sudden, so we replaced the ignition switch as they can cause some very odd electrical issues with these cars.

Stuck up under the dash is the switch.

Then I went after the OBC. There are a couple of ways to do this: First, you can use the very expensive control stalk for the steering column; Second, you can save some money and install two rocker switches in the switch panel to control the functions; Third, you can just activate the OBC using durametric, PIWIS, or PST2. It will display the temperature, but you will not be able to change to the other displays. We decided to save some money and use the two rocker switches in the factory location. $145 in parts vs $450+

Here I have the two switches installed. The top switch controls toggle down and up. The bottom switch controls the reset and speed limit selector

Wiring is then done into the back of the instrument cluster in the factory location.

And after activating the OBC, we now have a functioning display! I didn’t set it to temperature, as that is just depressing again this week 🙂

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