My New Favorite Toy :) Miller Plasma Cutter Rennsport Kansas City

This has been sitting at the house for some time now, finally brought it to the shop and put it to work 🙂 Gone are the days of wasting cut off wheels and grinding 🙂 Instead, we just plasma cut. Back in the old days, crude metal work cutting was done with an acetylene torch, and is a little hard to cut through more delicate areas. While torches are still used on really heavy stuff today, when a little more finesse is needed, the plasma cutter comes into play. Instead of cutting with Acetylene, you cut with nothing more than air from an air compressor (and voltage of course, in this case, we are cutting on 220, but the machine has the ability to cut thinner stuff on 110 as well).

So #5 gets a test run. These door panels use to be a pain in the butt to cut out. Goodbye weight 🙂

Much better.

And even better on the driver side. A little more use and we should have this down!

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