Porsche Boxster Coolant Tank Replacement

Had this little Boxster come through the shop after 6 years of storage. The owner was coming back to the states and needed his car back in running shape 🙂 We gave it a good look over and found a few minor things here and there.

The storage unit was starting the car every so often, and they had to jump start the car and crossed the battery terminals. All of a sudden the radio didn’t work. Luckily it was only the fuse on the backside, a fairly easy replacement. It could have been a lot worse.

Fuse location on the radio.

I went to top off the fluids and noticed the coolant tank was really low. That is never a good sign in a Boxster. I pulled up the trunk carpet and found just what I figured I would. A leaking coolant expansion tank. This can really make a mess in your trunk. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon failure. The bottom of the tank cracks and leaks coolant everywhere. A very similar issue exists in the 996.

There are a lot of hose clamp connections in the engine bay and trunk that must be removed.

Then you can eventually get the tank out.

Working through the engine bay is a very tight job that requires special hose clamp tools.

Old tank next to the new one.

And the new tank installed in place.

Right where the crack occurs.

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