Porsche 997C4S Supercharger Oil Change

My buddy Kelly dropped off his 997C4S as it was due for the self contained supercharger oil to be changed. We had not done it since I installed the supercharger a few years ago, and the miles were up. Because I am such a nice guy, and Kelly does like to tinker, I figured I would do a little write up here for him so he can do it on his own in the future. It is very time consuming (plan on at least a day) and difficult as you will see, but with the right mindset, anyone can handle this job. The early supercharger kits used oil from the engine to lubricate the supercharger. The problem with that, is that hot oil from the motor goes into a supercharger, which makes it that much hotter. The newer units now have their own self contained oil which is separate from the engine oil resulting in lower charger temps. The only difference is that now you have to change the oil in the supercharger on occasion as well as the engine oil.

Saturday. 8:00 am
Step 1. Make sure you have a bottle of super secret supercharger oil on hand. Huh…you forgot to order it. Order bottle of supercharger oil from Vortec.

The following Saturday 8:00 am
Step 2. Gather needed tools: Tools required: 3/16″ Allen Wrench, SAE equivalent of a 15mm and 14mm wrench (though these metrics work just fine), drain pan.
Step 3. Get a cold beer
Step 4. Place car in garage. If you want, you can put the rear up on jackstands to see things better the first time around.
9:00 am
Step 5. Turn on garage TV. Surf the channels for while.
Step 6. Get another beer.
10:00 am
Step 7. Warm up car until it is at operating temp. Things are more exciting when they are hot….errr the oil flows out better when it is hot.
Step 8. Locate the drain tube. It is attached to the inside of the rear bumper (toward the pulleys), hanging in a couple of clips. Just reach up where the two catalytic converters cross each other and remove hose from clips and let it hang in order to drain the oil. G*^ D*#@ catalytic converters are hot aren’t they?

Step 9. Go to the kitchen and get an ice pack for the 2nd degree burns on your forearms. Find the biggest drain pan you can find. Jill’s cake pan will do just fine. Grab another beer while you are in the kitchen.
11:00 am
Step 10. With your wrenches, remove the drain plug from the end of the hose. Scramble to remember where you set the drain pan.

Step 11. Probably should let that drain awhile. Better grab lunch.
12:30 pm
Step 12. Clean up your oil mess
Step 13. Phone rings, it’s your daughter….she wants more money. Explain to her that money doesn’t grow on trees. Send her another check.
2:00 pm
Step 14. Now that the oil is drained, place the drain plug back in the line and torque it to spec. Search internet for torque spec.
3:00 pm
Step 15. Another beer
Step 16. Place the drain line back up in it’s holder on the inside of the bumper. Wonder why you didn’t remove it when the car was cool.
Step 17. Remove fill plug with 3/16″ allen wrench. Fill supercharger with entire bottle of oil. Install fill cap back on supercharger.

4:00 pm DONE! Go have a beer, you deserve it!

And so as you can see, after a day’s work, you can easily knock out an oil change on the supercharger yourself. Note: I did not factor in the added time needed if you invite your friends over to help.

And while I had the car, I just couldn’t let a friend drive around town with this contraption hanging from his ceiling. Seriously Kelly….wtf is this? 🙂

So I hardwired the V1 into switched power for him, but I’ll let him take the credit 🙂

But I did have to award him 2 Burney demerits for leaves in the trunk area.

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April 5, 2013 at 9:28 AM

…forgot one entry.

“5:00 PM. Remember to call the guys and weasel out of a commitment to help that I made six months ago. (Or, maybe I’ll just have another beer and trust that Jill will come up with another unknown anniversary, graduation or wedding that we must attend on that weekend).”


April 8, 2013 at 10:16 AM

If he’s going to let that car wallow in filth and dirty oil he should just get it over with and sell it to one of his buddies. I might be able to help….

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