Porsche 996 Power Steering Pump Replacement RennsportKC

Had this 996 come into the shop this week for a power steering pump replacement. It is a pretty straight forward job, but there are a few things that can fight you a little, including the rear power steering line.

180k miles 🙂

Another issue….notice the left exhaust tip. Engine mounts are shot and sagging, so I will replace those as well.

Buried on the motor is the power steering pump. Not impossible to remove, but time consuming.

AC compressor out of the way.

Intake plenum off to allow access, and the old pump off. The factory manuals also state you have to remove the alternator as well to replace this, but that is unnecessary.

Swap over the tank to the replacement pump, and she goes back together.

Then it was time to tackle the engine mounts.

Here you can see the difference between the old and new mounts. The hydraulic mount has failed, allowing the mount to come apart.

Bottom of the driver side mount still leaking fluid.

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