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Hey buddy, are you honking at me?????

Fairly common issue here. You are driving down the road and hit a little bump, and the horn honks on it’s own. Once in awhile, you can deal with it. I mean, the chick in the sports car next to you at the red light thinks you are honking at her, you make her day, she smiles and drives off. You think, “I am the man.” At the next light, the horn honks again, and Wes in his Miata sitting next to you thinks you are honking at him, and you make his day and he drives off……..uhhhh. Eventually though, the darn thing will just keep honking and won’t stop.

The problem lies within.

After pulling the airbag off the wheel, we see the airbag retaining frame. This frame has rubber bushings where it mounts to the wheel. The bushings allow you to push the horn, make ground contact, the horn sounds, then when you release the horn, the bushings spring back, killing the ground circuit.

And removed from the car.

This is what a new plate looks like. Notice the rubber bushings where it mounts are all in good shape and springy.

And here is a defective plate. Notice the bushing is blown out and just kind of hanging there. Replace this little guy and you can drive in peace!

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