Porsche 965 Scavenge Pump Leak RennsportKC

Had the old 965 in the other day for an oil leak. Damn thing doesn’t get driven enough, and so it sits up on the owner’s lift and pouts! As it should!

Leak was coming from the turbo scavenge pump area, which isn’t uncommon to leak in that area. There are a couple of things that can leak, including the rear cam seal, but this turned out to just be the upper line leaking due to a loose connection.

I found the loose line quickly, but since there was so much oil, I decided to pull it down and replace the crush seals and check the other seals.

The offending fitting.

And back on the car. No more drips, ready to go home….and sit on the lift. I dunno, maybe Fred will take her out for a SPIN.

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