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A friend of mine bought this 1973 911T this last week as a project car. It had been sitting for about 8-9 years, and the owner was finally ready to sell it. His mechanic went through the car to make sure it was driveable, they got it over here so I could take a look. We have a lot of work to do! A good solid base, but much neglected maintenance to catch up on. My plan is to knock this car in and out quickly.

First thing to do is to replace the proper dual battery setup. Not that I don’t like the 2×4 tie down that the previous guy used to install a single battery, but we want to keep this car somewhat original. New DF75 batteries have been sourced and are on their way.

The engine runs, but not all that great. A tune up of filters, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, etc are on order.

Unfortunately, a speaker box was installed over the rear panel of the interior….with screws of course….through the panel.

Thus ruining the panel. Off to the interior shop that goes.

Door checks are broken on both sides, so those will be replaced with new.

Then up in the air it goes. The gas tank was flushed before it was brought over to remove the 8 year old varnished gas.

And this is exactly why we don’t ever believe anyone who says they did something. Sometimes people are frustrated with our flow chart plan of attack on project cars like this, but we do this for a reason….because people are liars. Some of the most disgusting gas I have ever seen.

Nasty black fuel.

So…out comes the tank for it’s standard interior coating to prevent the new ethanol fuel from rusting the inside of the tank.

A big hole 😉

After a detail from our buddies at KCdetailing.com, new plugs, wires, etc are installed. Fuel filter that will be replaced after we flush the system

The car, like many animals, don’t like to go to new unfamiliar homes. This happens quite often, they get to their new home, are scared, and piss all over the floor. The day after the car arrived, there was a huge puddle of brake fluid under the car. Leaking brake master cylinder. Not sure why they replaced the lines and skipped over the master cylinder, the same thing happened to the blue 911T that is in the shop. Odd.

And a new master cylinder in place. Stay tuned as this project continues!

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