Porsche 911SC Project

We were down for the PCA club race in early October, and on a whim stopped in Joplin and picked up a car for a customer. A 1979 911SC that has had a lot of work put into it, was picked up at a good price. A fairly fresh paint job and engine/transmission rebuild, suspension work, etc meant a lot of the big ticket stuff was already done. We stopped in Joplin on the way back home, took possession of the car about 10:30, then headed for home. Of course I always get stuck driving the unfamiliar cars in situations like these. Never reassuring when you are leaving and the previous owner says, if you bump this thing, the lights might turn off on you, so you have to wiggle it and they will come back on….hmmmmmm…..at night…..

When we got the car back to the shop…in the daylight, we discovered we had a pretty good little car. It needed some small things, but we had a good starting point. Now the question was…..what to do to it? Outlaw style? Hmmm….we still aren’t 100% sure yet, but it will be cool.

There is a lot of caramel interior that has been dyed….that will have to be fixed.

And a hideous, though effective AC system.

A pretty clean engine bay.

First thing to do was to get rid of a sticky ignition switch.

And tighten up the shifter slop. A new shift coupler with delrin inserts.

Since the center console had been hacked to make room for the AC system, out it came. I like the clean look. I added a WEVO shifter, which I think is a must do upgrade to any early 911.

And of course a 930 steering wheel. Now the car doesn’t feel so dated to drive.

And then we just couldn’t live with the AC system, so out it comes. We have bigger plans. There was actually a heck of a lot of weight in that system.

Much cleaner. Our next plan is to do the carpet in black, replace the seat covers in black, RS door panels, pull the dash and have it recovered. We will get rid of as much of the tan interior as we can. Oh…I also pulled out a hideous stereo system that had been installed. Stay tuned!

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Jeff Whealen

October 29, 2013 at 10:01 AM

My brother sent me this car. It was on craigslist for a while. Looks like a solid base at least to make a cool driver. I was curious about the A/C aspect. I just can’t have a fun car without A/C.


    October 29, 2013 at 5:20 PM

    It was a smoking deal. Car has had about $50k worth of work to get it to the stage it was when we picked it up. About as good of an SC as you will find considering the money.

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