Porsche 1973.5 911T Engine Rebuild

It has been a little while since I updated the 911T post.

You might remember a few pictures:

We needed to finish off a few things. The body had a few areas that needed attention, one being a few very minor rust areas, and the big thing was repairing a color change that was likely done at Maaco in the 80’s. The car was originally a gold color which would be super cool today, but in the 80’s everyone wanted a red 911, thus it was painted. While the body paint was laid well, they painted over seals, lights, etc. Also the engine bay was left the original color, and that just wasn’t going to work. So our painter got to work and did a beautiful job fixing the car. Since we had the motor out to rebuild, or pulled the motor to paint, depending on how you want to look at it, we went through that as well. Years of acorns on top of the motor caused a major smoking issue when running from the shell burning off, so it was time to tear it down.

If you recall the ugly duckling.

And after going through the motor with a full rebuild. When I pulled the motor apart, I had to take a pick and clean out the fins of the cylinders in order to get all of the acorns out! They were stuck in there good!

We don’t just freshen the motor and put all the old crappy hardware back on, we try and clean everything up as nice as possible. This meant powder coating all the engine tins, intake runners, etc as well as using all new bolts/washers/nuts when going back together. Nothing looks worse than a fresh motor with old rusty hardware. I really love the reassembly process of these motors. It is relaxing and fun to see the results of a motor that is too pretty to put back in the car 😉

Since the old heat exchangers were rusted out, I put on a new set of SSI’s go on!

At this point it is ready to go back in the car!

Step 2: Install engine.

And what really sets it off, is the right color in the engine bay!

I forgot to take pictures, but oddly enough this car did not have a pop off valve installed in the airbox, so I added that. This allows the the car to backfire through the intake without cracking the airbox which is a very expensive repair!

And a new set of heater boxes 🙂

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