Mike’s CT70 Rebuild

Remember this old girl? Well it has been a slow rebuild while I have had time. When I stripped the paint off the frame our painter took a look at the frame and we found it was extremely bent…..like run head on into a tree bent! That presented a bit of a problem!

Here you can see the dent at the neck of the frame. It is far worse in person! With the frame as is, you would always feel like you were turning right! Luckily, I was able to find a junk frame, and Steve cut the neck off, welded on the replacement neck and it is ready for paint!

So in the meantime I have torn most of the parts down, bead blasted them, and had them coated. I picked up the silver parts today and was able to reassemble the wheels. New wheel bearings, Bridgestone Trailwing tires, Kendra tubes, etc!

Bin full of cool parts!

And the wheels fully assembled and ready for install! Now all I need is a frame!

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