Coooool Breeze

No, this post isn’t about a highly trained special forces member from the Unit, but rather an A/C day.

Finally got the drier and seals I needed to charge up the 951’s a/c. Before I got to that though, I knocked out the timing and balance shaft belt since they were 8+ years old.

Camera battery died as I was starting the job, so we have some missing pictures….this is the going back together stage, lol

There, now that we have that out of the way, we can get back to converting the old R12 system to R134a. First thing we need to do is replace the drier and o rings on the lines.

Then the compressor has to come out so we can drain the oil and fill with new oil compatible with the R134a freon.

It was a pretty messy job. Drained the oil and only got a very tiny dribble out of the compressor. Hmmm not necessarily a comforting thought. I added a little PAG oil, and reinstalled.

Then it was time to see if replacing the schrader valves fixed the leak. I sucked the system down and let it sit for about 20 minutes. It seemed to hold 25in of vacuum the entire time, so I am hoping the system will hold a charge. Put it back on the vacuum for about 20 minutes to get out any remaining moisture and then charged it.

Added a few cans of freon to the system and it is blowing nice and cold. Hopefully the compressor holds up, the fact that there was nearly no oil in it has me concerned about it’s longevity, especially when changing to a different freon, which can have questionable results anyway. Time will tell. For now….brrrrrrrrr

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