Clifford Comes For A Visit

Clifford’s new owner came by to have an exhaust leak fixed that has been nagging the car for awhile now. It was obvious there was leakage around 3 of the exhaust ports, but we weren’t really sure why. The previous owner had done a recent head gasket, so I suspected a possible stud issue.

He brought me new headers to install along with a new set of gaskets. The oem headers after 25 years are prone to cracking and leaking. Underneath, off comes the lower connection to the crossover pipe.

And up top, you have to do some digging to get to them, but they will come out the top.

Lots of wiggling and eventually you will find a way to get them out. Studs usually have to be pulled.

And out of the car.

When I pulled one of the studs out, sure enough, I found the threads came with it. To properly fix it, the head will need to come off again to timesert the hole. For now, we will apply a temporary fix until the owner’s “boss” allows him the funds to fix it 😉

And the ceramic coated replacement headers.

At the same time, he also brought me a new exhaust….well, a used Lindsey Racing 3″ exhaust to install.

Old exhaust comes off. Notice the transfer to jack stands. The one downside of the midrise lift is exhaust work.

And the new exhaust on…..after a lot of sweat. Installing a used exhaust can be interesting sometimes. It seems they like to form themselves to the original car, lol A nice deep throaty sound with the flowmaster muffler, and the car is ready to rock! To think, Clifford was cast aside for a new Harley. I think he will make a good car for the new owner!

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