Center Console Swap

While I had the boxster here, we decided to install a gaurds red center console as well. Not difficult, just a little time consuming to swap over all the panels and clips to the new console.

Poof! Magic!

On the table ready for disassmbly. The lock, lid, switches, and side trim need to all be swapped to the new console.

There are a couple of lid variations. Some are riveted (which is the case of our new one), and some are held by screws on the back of the console. Well, we have both here, so the lid needs to be taken apart to access the pivot rod.

Here is where the unit is held to the back via screws on the old console. Knock the pivot pin out and transfer the hinge to the new console.

Mounted up and everything operates as it should.

And everything back together. The side pieces are a bit scary removing, as the retaining clips are pretty tight (and the side pieces have plastic connectors) Once the side pieces are off, remove all the clips out of old console and transfer over to the new console.

And reinstalled back in the car. Note, tape up the side of the console where it slides past the parking brake for install to protect the paint.

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