British Car Day RennsportKC Triumph and Jaguar

Wednesday Wes and I had “British Car Day” at the shop. 2 Jaguar projects and a cool little Triumph TR6. The V12 Jag had a bad ABS pump, and the replacement units are basically unaffordable. The XJ6 units though are slightly different, but the ABS solenoid unit which was bad are very similar with a little easy modification. We pinned out all the solenoids and the pin outs were identical. After a little work, we had them swapped and had the brakes working on the Jag again!

The little Triumph came in with a bad fuel leak, but it turned out to be pretty simple.

This is what Wes looks like in a Triumph:

We really were expecting a rotten gas tank as that is pretty common in the TR6’s, but turns out we just had a fuel line back by the tank that had split.

A quick fix!

Then since we had some time we fixed a few things on the car. Battery terminals were completely loose which was causing a battery issue, and the bracket was on backwards which was shorting out the terminals! A lube of the passenger side door assembly and the door now shuts all the way. An oil change, greasing, brake light bulb, and a few other things I am forgetting and she is ready to head out the door!

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