Boxster Top Repair and IMS Bearing Upgrade

Got the new parts in for the little white Boxster today so I went about installing the new cables and transmissions.

The updated kit. The early Boxsters used weak transmissions for the top mechanism, which Porsche later updated to beefier units. The old units are no longer available, so updating is the way to go rather than buying a used unit that will fail eventually.

Old transmission to come out.

New transmission installed.

Then there is a lot of measuring and tweaking to make the top go up and down evenly. Since there are two transmissions driven by one central motor, everything needs to be timed perfectly.

Then it was on to the leaking RMS/IMS. We will be installing an updated LN Engineering ceramic bearing and flange on the IMS. Since we have covered the IMS issue many times before, I won’t go into much detail about why it needs replacement. A very common catastrophic issue in the boxster and 996.

Exhaust out of the way, and staring at the transaxle.

A pile of parts 😉

This is what we need to fix. Stay tuned.

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