Boxster S Maintenance

With the warm weather upon us, this little boxster rolled in for a little spring maintenance.

The passenger side headlight bulb was burnt out and the owner knew the bracket was broken to the headlight, so we ordered a new bracket so we could remove the headlight assembly, change the bulb, then get it back in to where it will hold.

When I got it up in the air, I realized the exhaust was flopping around more than normal….not good.

Some exhaust systems just aren’t built up to standard. Another shop had done a repair on this previously to keep it from sagging, but time took it’s toll and it broken again.

Top bolts are broken off completely.

So I added a much beefier bracket and welded everything up to hold a little better.

Then it was on to getting rid of high speed vibration in the steering wheel. A simple wheel balance and we were back in business. Each wheel was out of balance about a 1/2oz. Followed up by and oil change, and this puppy is ready to rock.

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