Boxster S 60k Service

Had this Boxster S come in for it’s 60k service this week. Got it knocked out and back to the owner, ready for another 60k 🙂

Driver’s side bank was covered in oil, pretty typical with the spark plug tube seals.

Removing the coilpacks to replace the plugs and tube seals.

Not horrible, but ready for a change.

Cabin filter was about 10x heavier with buildup than the replacement new filter, lol.

New one install

Then it was on to the air filter

Stuck in the corner of the engine bay is the filter box. Pretty easy swap.

From there I moved to the drive belt to inspect that. It was starting to show signs of cracking, so we replaced that as well. Again, be very careful when removing the front engine cover….it has VERY sharp edges.

And of course, it was time to flush the brake fluid out. Condensation will build up in the fluid over time, and contaminate it, so it is wise to flush the brakes annually.

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