Boxster Repair

Had this Boxster come in this afternoon for a mechanical top failure. Pretty common in the early boxsters, as the transmission and/or cables will fail, causing the top to not raise correctly or evenly. If you force it, you can cause serious damage to the mounting points of the top.

It also had a check engine light and the low washer fluid light was on even though it was full. Curses….mice!

To the right of the white tag you can see the two wires that have been chewed through.

And under the fender liner, the other end. Mice can really cause havok in a wiring system. The wires they chewed were all part of the front body harness which could have gotten very expensive very quickly. Luckily, this repair is pretty easy.

While it was up in the air, I noticed some oil on the oil pan. Looks like the rear main seal/IMS seal are leaking. With 19k miles, this car needs a bearing updated asap.

Tomorrow I will tackle the top!

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