Boxster Clutch

Had a boxster come in today that was making a heck of a squealing from the clutch area.  My assumption is that the dual mass flywheel is starting to get too much play in it, which is a known issue on the dual mass flywheels.  With over 80k miles on the car and still on it’s first clutch, it is probably about time to get in there and replace it anyway.

Up on stands, pulling stuff apart.

For those that have never seen the top of their boxster motor 🙂

Pile of guts…….

And the flywheel exposed.  The clutch disc was getting about down to the rivets, so replacement was necessary.  The flywheel has about 3 inches of side to side swing with no rebound, indicating it is shot as well.  Now if Fed-ex will show up with the parts, we can start reassembly.

Well, I was too lazy to take pictures of the reinstall, but it all went smoothly.  The hardest part on reinstall is getting the transaxle input shaft splined and seated into the new disc assembly and mated the the engine.  The angle has to be perfect to slide on.  On a lift it is pretty easy, but with a floor jack by yourself, it can be a bit frustrating.  Just keep adjusting, wiggling, and eventually it will slide ont.  Once it starts to spline, you can get your bolts started and draw it in evenly the rest of the way.


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