BMW Chump Car Head Gasket Repair Rennsport Kansas City

Jul 03 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

Got the BMW swapped out at home with the dragon the other day so I could spend some time in the evenings working on it (read in the A/C). Good thing is she started right up in the trailer and drove onto the lift, so maybe we will get lucky with the head. Cross your fingers.

Valve cover gasket off. Nothing looks cooked too badly on the cam lobes that I can see so far.

Not sure what is going on down in the spark plug galleys, full of rust and what looks like old coolant baked in there.

And the intake and exhaust manifolds off. Next up, pulling the head. We are definitely going to get hit with a lot of while we are in theres. Sensors, hoses, etc.

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