BMW 328i Bilstein Suspension Install Rennsport Kansas City

Jul 17 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

ZZZZZZZZZZZ, I know. The problem with getting behind on blogging is that I have about 200 pictures on my camera that I have to sort through and turn into posts. LOL. I must admit, with the heat wave we have been having, motivation is down.

This little BMW had 116k miles on it and it was time to get rid of that Cadillac float. The answer, a set of Bilstein shocks and struts.

The old sachs struts were shot. Well, the left rear was still questionable, but the others were completely blown.

Old shocks coming off, and new going together with new bump stops.

And installed. While I was tackling the suspension, Wes was mounting and balancing the new tires.

And the front struts installed. Off to alignment it went, and then back to it’s owner.

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