951 Timing Belt/Waterpump Service

Started tearing into a 951 today with no real good previous records of maintenance, so a round of timing belt/waterpump was due.

The shop supervisor sets up shop.  Oddly enough, management always is in the way when you are trying to get something done.

The really cool part about this car……rare sunroof delete 🙂

The surgery.

Waterpump replaced.  This car will get all new rollers, pump, and belts.  I can’t quite put my finger on the history of this car.  It is a fairly low mileage, nice original example, but the engine bay strikes me as odd.  Almost all the hose clamps show signs of rust; the cam gear showed signs of water having been in that area; oxidation on a lot of the parts.  It almost is like someone left this car out in the rain with the hood open, or the motor has been replaced with a 2nd hand motor from a salvage yard which would explain being open to the elements.  Very odd.  The engine code is from 1987, so if it was replaced, it at least was replaced with an 87 motor.  Food for thought.

Notice the shop supervisor hasn’t moved, and has become less interested in the project at hand.

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