951 Suspension Upgrade

This low mileage 951 suffered what all 25 year old cars do….worn out shocks and struts. Most people don’t notice the effects of weak shock absorbers. I notice it right away when getting in the car and the car feels overly floaty on the road. Not how a Porsche should feel. So it was time to ditch the junk Sachs/Boge shocks and upgrade to some Koni’s.

Shiny new Koni’s 🙂

Old front struts. The old dust bellows and bump stops are shot, so we will replace those as well.

Strut removed from the car. We are also going to go back together with Weltmeister lowering springs in the front.

Since the front struts are sealed and no longer available other than in inferior brands, Koni came up with a solution to use the sealed housings with an insert able strut. Cutting open the top of the housing.

And drilling the bottom for the securing bolt.

Then it is off to the paint booth….lol. Both housings are primed and painted yellow.

While the paint was drying, I tackled the rear shocks.

As you can see, the rears don’t spring back to full length. Junk.

Much better.

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