951 Coolant Leak

Got a call Sunday night on the way back from Hastings about a stranded 951. Car lost all it’s coolant and started to overheat. Monday morning the tow truck showed up to the house with it and I checked it out. Pretty typical failure, the plastic coolant port on the radiator had broken and coolant had sprayed out of the radiator under pressure.

You can just make out the piece that is broken on the end of the small hose.

Of course, half of it stays in the radiator, so you have to get a little creative with getting that piece out. A propane torch on the bit and melted into the piece allows you to unscrew it. It is a tight fit without completely removing everything out of the way (coolant crossover pipe, etc)

A better picture of the location.

They come from far and wide 😉

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