2003 Boxster IMS Upgrade

Have this 2003 boxster in the shop right now for an IMS bearing upgrade. Another 19k mile car with a pretty bad oil leak underneath the car. The later cars can be a real bear to pull the transmission on. This car has the glass rear window, which severely limits access to the top of the engine bay (even for me), and it is a tiptronic, which means disconnecting the torque converter to the flex plate has to be done through the starter hole…..on top of the engine bay 🙂 Ugh. Wes got the exhaust and lower subframe down the other day, and I took time to get the transmission loose today. Tomorrow we should have it pulled once our engine support stand is available (being used on another project at the moment).

Very limited access.

Once the intake plenum is pulled and the starter is out of the way, we can get to the torque converter bolts.

And then locking the engine at TDC for the bearing work.

Here you can see the leak is pretty bad. Either the RMS or IMS seals (or both) are leaking.

And the transmission ready to come out.

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