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Mar 27 2013 porschedoc BMW No Comments

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Chump car racing! A couple weeks ago we ventured down to Hallet for the Luck of the Irish twin 7’s. We had a few small issues from last year which I took care of for this season, and the car ran flawlessly on Saturday, taking us to a 6th place finish out of about 35 cars. Sunday was not so kind, as she made it through 3 hours, then Kris “Hammerfist” Loveless overheated motor and that was all she wrote 😉 Still not sure what happened, but my guess is on the head/headgasket. We had about 40 hours of run time on this round, I don’t know if there was a small crack in the head that the machine shop didn’t catch, or what. Meh, it’s chump car, you always have to have a spare motor around right! We did have a blast though with the other 2 KC BMW chumpers in attendance! Sunday was not kind to the F1 1ab’s E36, but the Fine Sausages were able to take 3rd place home Sunday in their E30!

Monday morning I got the old motor out and the new motor in, and we were up and running by tuesday after waiting on a few gaskets to arrive. Hopefully this one holds up a little better as we head to Watkins Glen next week!

Old POS. This motor has hated me from day 1.

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