Trailblazer Brake Time and CEL

Had another car come in from Boys Town (only one guy will get that joke) to take care of some noise from the rear of the vehicle. It also had a CEL light (P0105 and P0128) on with a couple of faults. The P0105 can pop on due to a dirty throttle body or a bad MAP sensor. Since cleaning the throttle body is free.99, I decided to yank it and take care of that. The P0128 is a coolant thermostat sticking, so we will clear the light and see if it comes back since the car has not had any heating or cooling issues.

Off comes the intake piping and throttle body.

A horribly dirty TB. This can cause odd running issues, including stalling of the vehicle and erratic idle.

I just gave it to the dog, and she licked it clean. Took awhile, but she is persistent. Ok, maybe the dog didn’t help at all and I had to rely on carb cleaner. Either way, it is nice and clean.

Then it was on to the noise in the rear. The most obvious culprit was the brakes. On the Chevy trucks and SUV’s, I find that the rear pads wear before the fronts, and that the insides wear out first (the side you can’t see).

Here you can see the inner pad is completely gone and was metal on metal. There are metal tabs that start grinding on the brake rotor once your pads start to get thin. When you keep on driving, they eventually break off, then you go down to the metal. The outer pad was not even to the wear tab yet. You will also see my shoe. That is all.

Pistons were locked solid, so I had to pull out the caliper tool to push them back in.

mmmmmm shiny.

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