St Louis Trip

This last weekend Jim, Jessi, Val and I headed to St Louis with the M3 and the S2 Cab to meet up with some good friends we have living there, and see the city! Friday evening we headed for St Louis, met some other friends for supper in Columbia, MO, then high tailed it to St Louis down the I-70 speedway 🙂

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the Arch!

That is one big arch!

From the top of the arch! I spy an S2 cab and an M3 🙂

Then we headed to McGurk’s Irish pub for some lunch where we met up with some friends from the Porsche club. McGurk’s had a really cool outdoor patio area (huge)

Ah Porsche content. Then we headed south of St Louis on a winery run.

Tim and Cheryl rolled out the winery red carpet for use with snacks at the winery! I think the Burney Arrive and Drive program has some competition!

After some debauchery on Saturday afternoon and evening, we headed to the Anheuser Busch brewery.

That is one big horse.

The tack room.

And the brew house. We went on the tour which was worth the wait. It takes about an hour and covers 7 blocks of the facility. And for the record… still get free beer at the end 😉

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