Squeeks Maintenance Day RennsportKC

I borrowed Squeeks the other day to replace a battery that was causing a slow start. About 7 years on the last battery, so it was about due for replacement. Once I got in it to drive it over to the shop, I knew I was going to be doing some suspension work as well.

Up on the lift to check out a suspension clunk.

I found bad tie rods on the lower bar, so I soaked everything up good in kroil and pulled the lower tie rod bar. Darn thing was worn out, probably due to eating so many Chevy cavaliers for lunch.

The Chrysler motors are known for having leaking timing chain cover gaskets, which can cause a little coolant to seep down the front of the motor. I have the gasket ready to go in, but I need more than a few hours to tackle this job, so that will left for another day.

Wes and I had to use the big pipe wrenches to get the tie rods out of the main bar. 170k miles on the original units, so they were seized in.

And new ends on, a new battery, wiper blades, and off to alignment it goes!

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