Porsche Cayenne Rear Brake Job RennsportKC

Had this Pepper come into the shop today for a quick rear brake job. With all the lifts full, it was back to working like a peasant.

Special tool required for the rear bolts on the calipers. Normally brake jobs are easy DIY’s, but I don’t recommend trying to tackle these without a good set of tools. The caliper bolts are usually seized in VERY tight and extremely difficult to get out. On a lift you can get enough leverage with a long cheater pipe, but on the ground it is a little more difficult. They laughed at my 360ft/lb impact. Eventually though, I won.

New rotors in place.

And making sure to use a lot of anti-seize on the bolts going back in. The ends of the bolts are subjected to rusting, which is why they are so hard to remove.

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