Porsche Cayenne Fuel Pump

Had this little Pepper limp into the shop yesterday with a bad primary fuel pump. The 955 has dual fuel pumps, one on each side of the tank. Often times the primary will die, causing stalling issues with the vehicle.

Pumps are located under the seats and under the carpet. You actually have to cut a hole in the carpet to access the pumps, but Porsche was kind enough to draw an outline of where to cut 🙂

Following the template with a razor blade and you can see the access port for one of the pumps. Both sides have to be removed as the hoses run from one pump to another and can’t just be disconnected at one end….yes stupid.

The primary pump on the left also has the fuel filter in the same hole, so it is a good idea to replace that while in there.

And the old fuel filter and pump out of the car. Another job that I don’t know how people with large hands do it as disconnect the lines inside the tank was hard even with small hands 🙂 Couple hours later and a few hours of smelling like gasoline and it is back together 🙂

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