Porsche Boxster Header Install Rennsport Kansas City

Awhile back we installed the Borla exhaust on this Boxster. At the same time the customer ordered some headers, but they were incorrect when they came in. So, vacation came around and we got the car for 10 days 🙂 The header install on the 2000 and later boxsters is a little tricky with the aftermarket headers that don’t have cats on them. The later Boxster has catalytic converters on both the headers (primaries), and then on the rear exhaust pipe (secondary). Removing the primaries which have the O2 sensors pre and post will cause a CEL, so you have to relocate the rear O2 sensor behind the secondary cat.

The OE headers with primary cats. Notice the pre and post o2 sensor

And the secondary cats. Really it doesn’t matter which set you get rid of for more HP, on the later cars, IMHO the secondary cats are much easier to get rid of. The problem is that the cheap headers are less money, which makes convincing the customer difficult some times. In the end, the cost ends up the same, as you have to relocate the O2 sensors which adds a lot of time.

Driver side header installed. Common mistake is to not tie the power steering line up out of the way of the exhaust header. Burning through that will run you about $900 to replace.

Secondary cats removed from the car, and a hole drilled for the new O2 sensor location post cat.

And my bung welded in place. The o2 sensor will simply screw into this location now. Next, you have to extend the length of the 4 o2 sensor harnesses which eats up a lot of time. Crimp connectors and not solder for this application

And the secondary cats back in place with the 2 sensor installed.

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