Porsche 951 Aero Mirror Install

Had this 951 come in the other day for a nice cosmetic upgrade….aero mirrors. While it might seem simple to just swap the mirrors over, there is a little more to it.

First thing to do is to remove the mirror glass.

And the motor housing. This leaves us the electrical connector. It is too large to pass through the hole in the mirror stem, so it must be disassembled using a special tool. Many hacks will just pull the mirror housing off the door and cut the wires and then splice the new mirrors to that harness…..read the “many hacks” statement. Not how we roll around here.

Remove the pins from the connector

Leaves you with something like this. Once they are all removed, you can then unbolt the housing from the car and slide the wires through.

And you have this.

Going back together involves crimping new terminal ends on the 968 aero mirrors and reassembling the connectors inside the housing like the old mirrors. New terminals are available from Porsche for this job.

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