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Friday morning I loaded up the tools and got on a plane to head to New Jersey to do a PPI with a good friend (993C2S). Fly in Friday afternoon, do the PPI, fly back Saturday morning. I was flying out of KC, Mark was flying out of MN after business and we planned to meet up at Newark. We would arrive around 3pm, drive to the shop the current owner used, where they were going to let us rent a lift for a few hours so I could do a leak down and compression test on the car. Unfortunately……snow happens. I got stuck in Chicago for a few extra hours, and Mark had his entire flight canceled out of MN. He eventually got a flight into Laguardia, an hour and a half from Newark unbeknownst to me.

I hit the airport around 4:15, and at 4:30 got a text from Mark that he had landed. Cool….where are you? (Mark)”….uh yea about that, i’m not at Newark!” LOL. From there, he caught a car to Newark to pick me up, and from there we rented a car to finish our journey. Of course, by the time we met up, the shop was long closed, it was dark, and raining…..not ideal PPI conditions! Knowing we weren’t going to make the shop during business hours, we did the next best thing….Rennlist. Help! We needed an air compressor and a lift to do the PPI, and we were stuck. Our options were to do it on jack stands at the owner’s house, and buy a small pancake air compressor, or find someone to help. The power of Rennlist never fails, and soon enough Raj opened his garage to us. We didn’t get to his house until 9pm, but were able to knock out the needed tests by 11pm. The Porsche community never fails to amaze me, for someone to open his house to strangers in need. The owner of the car not only met us at the closed shop after hours, but let us take the car 90 minutes to Raj’s place to do a PPI. We dropped the car back off at his place around 12:30. Amazing.

Highlights of the trip:
8:00am KC: Flight (which originated in Dallas) is delayed 2 hours. 2 guys sitting in the gate area drinking beer. Wow….that’s early.
9:30am on board: Sitting across the isle from a guy from Texas….orders a bourbon. Hard core dude, hard core. That’s a cowboy.

Meeting Raj and getting to see his 968 turboS Very cool car!
Paul Miller Porsche: Carerra GT, 911 GTS’s, 991

Dunkin Donuts: In line behind a high school girl after she orders….30 seconds later she looks at the person making her order….(in the thickest NJ accent you can muster)…..COME ON, HURRY UP ALREADY!

It is definitely a trip we will never forget.

CGT! And it was a driver.

22k miles. Why you should never buy a used rental car. I’m guessing she is on her original factory fill!

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