Mazda Gen 2 RX-7 ABS Delete

Parts finally came in for the RX-7 ABS delete project (Non ABS lines, and the coolant pipe to replace a leak). Since the ABS pump was leaking fluid, and new ones cost about 1800 bucks, we decided to convert the entire system to non ABS. The ABS had been disconnected previously for other reasons anyway, lol. While Wes and Richard were plugging away at the chump car, I tackled this one.

The leaking abs pump is on the passenger side, with the master cylinder on the driver side. Lots of lines running back and forth between the two and then out to the wheels.

Master cylinder out of the way and starting to pull the lines. The lines can be yanked in tact if you want to take enough time. I removed most that way, then came to my senses and cut the rest out since we will not be reusing them. The new lines will route in the same locations using the retaining clips, etc.

ABS pump removed, but still a bunch of brackets to get out. The Japanese designed this ABS pump to withstand a category 5 hurricane. A 10lb pump held in by massive brackets and 47 or so bolts.

I pulled the air box and intake to get the brake line routed in easier.

The long line to the rear. Actually not hard to get in at all compared to the passenger front line.

They run along the left side of the car, up over the rear suspension.

The rear distribution block was rusted solid. All other brake line connections (20 or so, lol) came loose without a fight…..except this bugger. Luckily though, the two rear lines branching off this block came loose, so I cut the long line and put it in the vise to get the fitting off. Then chased the threads to clear out all the rust.

New rear line going into place.

And the new non ABS master in place. From what I have researched online, people are keeping the factory proportioning valve, running the FR brake and rear brakes through that, and the FL directly through the master. We will see how this works, but I think what we will end up doing in the long run is running both fronts off the brake master directly, then running a rear proportioning valve to that line, getting rid of the factory piece completely.

Then it was time to ditch the factory ABS computer. Seeee ya. Light on the dash…..Seeeee ya.

Tomorrow I need to come up with a non abs fluid reservoir, bleed the system and see what we have!

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