Jetta GLS Cam Followers

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Replaced the hydraulic cam followers/tappets (or lifters as some people refer to them), on the Jetta GLS today. It has been seen in the past on the blog for clutch jobs, etc.

Ahhh 2.0L’s of fury….or maybe furry. Hard to believe this car is about ready to roll 212k miles. Still looks like it has only 75k miles on it.

With the intake and associated plumbing off, and the valve cover removed, we can see the camshaft and the followers below.

Removing the timing belt so we can get the cam out.

A little oil soaked on the side of the motor. I am hoping this is coming from the camshaft seal, as all that will be replaced.

And the camshaft out of the motor, time to R&R the followers.

End of the camshaft where the leaking seal was located.

And everything reassembled with new parts and lots of assembly lube and a new timing belt.

Almost there.

I removed the thermo tensioning unit of the newer cars and backdated it to the old style roller. The older rollers were much less likely to fail. This was just a bit of over-engineering gone wrong.

Side of the engine where the tensioning unit mounts.

After draining the water out and filling with a fresh 50/50 mix of coolant/water, the Jetta is ready to head out the door.

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