Jaguar XJ6 No Start Repair RennsportKC

We had this nice little Jaguar come into the shop this week on the flatbed. Another shop in town has had it for awhile, and determined the engine had zero compression and a timing chain was broken or something odd like that. We went to the trouble to shove it in the back of the shop as we figured the head would have to come off. Once we did that, we decided to check it over. We pulled the oil fill cap of and cranked the car over while looking at the 2 overhead cams. Both turned as they should, so we knew our timing system was likely ok. One of the issues with these cars is that if you start it, and shut it off without letting it run for very long, the engine washes the cylinders down. Subsequent starting is impossible due to the lower compression in the cylinders due to the loss of oil on the walls. There is a simple reset procedure to run the engine through, and once you do that, she will fire right up! Wes has a lot of knowledge on these Jaguars which can really save the customer money and us time! In the matter of a few minutes, we had the car up and running! Next time we will check it before pushing a pig back to the back of the shop! The owner also requested a transmission fluid service at the same time since he bought the car recently, but when we dropped the fluid it had been recently changed, so a few new quarts of fluid and she was out the door! Sometimes the easy projects are nice once in awhile.

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March 3, 2013 at 10:49 PM

Now, just how exactly did you find this one one out? Please let me know. It could save me buku time next time.

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