Jaguar X-type day

Jan 02 2013 wes Editorial 2 Comments

I love these days with a theme, it really lets you get a rhythm going,  and for some reason the Jaguars seem to come in bunches.  Last time it was three XJ8’s on the same day.  Today it’s X-types.  First we had a nice 3.0 5-speed throwing all kinds of “transmission fault, DSC failure, restricted performance” codes.  We have the Jag DLR software and it shows the TPS isn’t talking.  The Jag is a drive by wire and the TPS isn’t available unless you replace the entire TB.

pretty easy to access:

So with X-type #1 done, Marilea calls and says Winston is running rough (she always names her cars, and this one got named after a dead British Prime Minister.)

These Jaguar clamps have a detent to lock the clamp wide open.  When/if the car ever has a backfire through the intake they can lock wide open.  This one on the intake was found in just that condition. Winston was revived after being left parked for a year so I’m guessing he had a little backfire when clearing out the old fuel and crap from sitting.  The only thing in the ECU was a little lean idle which makes sense for a leak here.

Much more secure now.

I also threw a new fuel filter in, been meaning to anyway.

X-types done!

We would have had three Jags today but Stuart couldn’t get his ass out of bed 😉

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June 25, 2013 at 11:04 PM

hi thanx for your posts

I am planing to change my fuel filter too, I ve 2002 Jag. X type 3.0 liter sport, where is the location of fuel filter, I thought somewhere at close to rear tire. Do you think can I handle it at my garage with a car jack.


June 26, 2013 at 2:32 PM

It isn’t too hard to do on stands. If you don’t have the little fuel line tool to release it from the filter spend the money on the good ones. You will have a much better day.

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