Infinity FX45

Daily driver business 🙂

This little FX45 came in for some needed maintenance to get it through the year. The brakes were pulsating, it was low on oil, and it needed a seat heater switch repair. All easy stuff….or so I thought 😉

On the lift ready to go.

First up was topping off the fluids.

Then I moved on to the rear brakes. I noticed the rear inner pad on the left was worn much more than the others, so I went on installing new rear brake pads.

Unfortunately, The lower slider bolt was seized in the caliper and would not come out. This would explain the worn inner pad as the caliper was not floating properly and giving equal force to both pads. I did everything I could to save this little guy, but alas I gave in and put in a new caliper.

Front rotors were warped, but had plenty of meat on them, so I turned them and put them back on.

Then on to the seat heater switch. Darn kids, you’d think they would design a center console you can stand on and not break things.

As you can see, the button was pushed through the console. I pulled apart the center console and was able to snap it back in place. Thankfully the catches were not broken where the button clips in.

Much better.

And this puppy is out of here!


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