Honda Trail 70 Rebuild Part 2

Had some time over the last couple of days to start prepping and cleaning parts for paint and powdercoating.

Front forks, rear swing arm, and chain guard ready for paint.

The main frame cleaned up and ready.

And a bunch of chrome pieces sanded and beadblasted, ready to go to powdercoating.

Front shocks disassemble easily, so those were torn down before going to paint. Hopefully I will have the new headlight bucket by the end of the week and then everything can go to the painter.

The wheels were in pretty rough shape, so I started disassembly on those. The wheel bearings are all crunchy, so I will of course replace all of them while in there.

Center hubs disassembled. Everything through the beadblaster, then prime and paint!

Front brake assembly ready for cleaning.

And after paint and reassembly. I used a silver wheel paint, which should look pretty sharp. I was afraid that going black wheels would just be a bit much black, and wouldn’t really show the wheels well against black tires.

And the replacement exhaust arrived. I stripped the chrome shield and high temp painted it black. The old exhaust had not only broken in half, but also was coming apart internally.

And some new upgraded rear shocks showed up. They will better accommodate an adult rider.

At this point I am stuck until things are back from paint 🙁

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March 13, 2014 at 11:25 AM

Can’t wait to see this come together! We are thoroughly ashamed for having a deteriorating old Honda sitting here for years 🙁


    March 13, 2014 at 2:08 PM


    Following your blog, looks like Lin has the BMW close to finished already, so he can get started on the Yamaha!

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