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Right now it is about 4:30am and you are on your second cup of coffee. You might be thinking about whether you chose the right color paint for the garage, did you really get those anchor bolts on the lift set securely, or maybe asking yourself if you should put up more lighting. Although, Maybe you are icing your low back from all that stone work. Now those are all important questions and issues to ponder, but what you really should be doing is researching nitrous kits for the Super Chevy.

Because after a long wait……


Plus This:

Equals This:

That’s right. It’s new exhaust time for Squeaks. After fixing the exhaust manifold issue, it appears another issue reared it’s head….the OEM muffler has rusted through after 140k miles and 10 years. So, no point just replacing just the muffler when you can upgrade the entire exhaust to a 3″ system with high flow Magnaflow cat and Flowmaster 70 series muffler, plus a custom mandral bent tail pipe, right?  I fully expected to just replace just the muffler after the discovery, but a little research on the Jeep Forums lead to a guy named Kolak.  Seems like he has come up with a solution for the 4.7L JGC’s.  He warned me that it was a little steep at $340 for the system, but assured me it was a great system.  I thought….lol, you can’t buy a set of aftermarket exhaust tips for a Porsche for $340, so sign me up!   Three weeks later everything was sitting on the door step.  Hopefully Friday afternoon I can fire up the sawzall and go to work!

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October 27, 2010 at 9:46 PM

Guess you slept in again…

Am pretty comfortable with the paint selection and the lighting but less comfortable with the positioning of the lift. For now the two posts are just sitting inside without anchor bolts. Plan to test fit a few vehicles before I bolt it down. No, didn’t have to ice the back, yet.

As for the jeep smack…

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