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Arghhh, 2nd go around here.  Not sure why most post came up blank the first time.  We have to keep those daily drivers on the road too!  Not everyone uses their Porsche on a daily basis, but rather needs a kid, dog, and toy hauler too!  This 2003 Inifniti FX45 was making some odd noises from the front of the engine, so it was time to get it looked at.  Turned out to be something as simple as the drive belts and rollers making noise.  With 90k miles on the car, it was about time to do some work anyway.  If you think Porsche parts are expensive…..go buy a used Inifiniti!  WOW!  $180 each for hood struts from the dealer….yeah we decided to pass on that for now.  We needed to replace the belts, and the tensioner/idle rollers as the bearings were shot.  At a couple hundred a piece for the rollers, I decided to save a lot of money and just push in new bearings instead.  A much more feasible solution.

After removing the under belly pan, the belts were fairly easy to get to.


With the belts removed, I spun all the rollers, and sure enough, they were crunchy and noisy.  Time for new bearings.


This is where the big press comes in.  12 tons to push out the old bearing, and 12 tons to push in the new bearings 🙂  The bearing is the wear item, and the physical roller really doesn't wear, so reusing them makes a lot of sense.


And essentially we have a new roller.  Repeat 2 more times, and we were ready to rock.


And everything back together.  A quick oil change, and this puppy was back on the road.

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