Boxster S Work

This Boxster S showed up yesterday for a few needed repairs. A host of lights on the dash, including the check engine light, ABS light, and brake sensor light were all lit up like a Christmas tree.

First thing to do was to go after the brake issue. The front passenger side harness connector was shattered where the ABS sensor and the brake wear sensor plug in. All that was left is a bundle of wires. A quick call to Oklahoma Foreign, and we have a replacement connector on the way.

Then it was on to diagnose a noise in the rear end. Narrowed it down to a bad wheel bearing on the passenger rear side, so apart that came. Out comes the axle and passenger side secondary cat.

Brake caliper and rotor out of the way.

B90P2 puller to remove the outer hub.

Leaving part of a bearing in the hub.

After removing the retaining plate, you can extract the rest of the main bearing.

Then reinstall the parking brake shoes before putting everything back on.

Our CEL shows codes for an aging O2 sensor on bank 2 as well as a MAF sensor code, so we will replace 2 o2’s on bank 2, and the MAF sensor.

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