Audi A6 Misfires

Had this 06 A6 in the shop the other day for a CEL which turned out to be a cylinder 6 misfire and random cylinder misfires. With 100K miles on the clock, it was past due for spark plugs, so I got started.

The plugs and coils are pretty easy to change on the 3.0L, but you do have to be very careful with the coilpack connectors. Do not force them, or you will break the harness connector. If you break that, you will get to learn about re-wiring. Airbox top does need to come off on the passenger side, but after that, you have full access.

And the driver side looks like there is a lot in the way, but enough room to get it done. These newer cars are all very susceptible to misfires because of spark plugs or coil packs. It is a good idea to replace your coils when you do the plugs, but beware, it will also add about $300-400 to the cost of the plug change depending on how much each coil costs.

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