Audi A4 Oil Pan

Had a freind call me up this weekend with a bit of an emergency. He had taken the car to the shop for an inspection, and had them change the oil. Turns out they couldn’t get the plug out of the pan! After fighting with it for awhile, he gave up and towed it over. Hillarity ensued as we tried to push a dead car up the driveway and into the garage, partially using man power and partially using a car dolley. I had the vision of “hold my beer and watch this” going through my head. Needless to say, we got er done! LOL

Up on the lift and ready to go.

Fred did all he could to get the plug out. Typically you can take a punch and chisel and knock it counter clockwise and get it out. That obviously hadn’t worked.

A drill was used next I guess after breaking a sockets and breaker bars from what I hear. This thing was in there good. At this point, he gave up and brought it over.

I tried for about an hour to get the plug out using heat, bolt outs, hammer/chisel, etc with no luck either. So at this point it was time to replace the pan. From what I can tell, there didn’t appear to be a crush seal on the drain plug, which would have meant the taper on the plug would have pulled into the pan too far and definitely could have caused this. This is why you don’t take your car to jiffy lube. Oh well, not the end of the world. My plan was to raise the motor slightly, and drop the subframe slightly to get the pan out.

Tight fit over the subframe (most of the bolts already removed)

And with a little light taping of a rubber mallet, the pan comes loose.

And eventually I was able to wiggle it out. The oil pan baffle appears to just loosely fit in place once the pan is in place. Odd.

And the pan out of the car. Tomorrow afternoon I can pick up parts and start reassembly. Going back together, we will use VW/Audi sealant for the pan gasket, instead of an actual gasket, which is now standard practice on the 1.8T’s.

1.8TA4AudiOil Pan

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