Audi A3 Service RennsportKC

Had this little Audi in the shop last week for some maintenance and general repairs. It was due for an oil change service and such, so that was pretty straight forward. Filters, fluids, etc.

It also had a dead interior blower motor that is very common to Audi’s. IMHO, the orientation of the blower fan assembly leads to early failure, as the motor is pointing up, allowing any condensation/etc in the system to end up in the motor, thus seizing it up.

After removing the glove box, you can see the blower motor.

And with stuff out of the way, here is a good shot at the pollen filter location.

Old motor out and seized up. New motor in and off we go!

There was also a TPMS error that I could not clear with Vag-com, and it was an oddball error code. So I pulled out the TPMS tool to see if the sensors were all working, which they appeared to be working just fine.

A cool tool. Registers new sensors, as well as reads the old sensor data that it is putting out. All 4 were fine. Off to the dealer it went for a firmware update.

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